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Imaging Data

Data Warehouses typically use SQL which works great for tabular analytics, but is a poor fit for running queries and transformations on imaging data.

On Eventual, the interface is a Lambda function that can be written in your language of choice or even bash! These functions are run locally or on the cloud in both a standalone or pipeline fashion.

Why teams love us.

1. Choose your Function

Choose functions to run on your data. You can even build your own with the Eventual SDK!

2. Run Interactive Jobs

Run an interactive job from your terminal or Eventual UI console to process millions of images or videos.

3. Build Continuous Pipelines

Automatically run pipelines on new events such as new data creation, an hourly schedule or when Eventual receives a new web request.

Functional Query Interface.

Eventual runs Functions, which can be written in Bash or Python. This means that developers can easily leverage their favorite Unix utilities such as awk, sed and ffmpeg alongside the powerful Python machine learning/data science/computer vision ecosystem of libraries.

Your Function runs exactly the same way locally as it does in the cloud. We make it easy to go from functions on your laptop to production pipelines in seconds.

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Shared Data Architecture.

Eventual uses open data formats such as Apache Parquet to store data in your cloud accounts. We provide integrations with common cloud data storage platforms such as AWS S3, PostgreSQL and Snowflake so that you don't have to worry about writing efficient Data I/O or serialization code.

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Intelligent Scheduling.

Our scheduling engine takes into account resource availability, data transfer costs and predictive metrics to optimize your workloads, saving you time and money. This is especially the case with costly instances and hardware accelerators like GPUs.

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Eventual plugs into 
your existing storage.

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