The Data Warehouse for ML/AI.

Explore, Query and Process multimodal data types

Powered by Open-Source Tools

Built for Python Notebooks

Daft is a Dataframe library optimized for quick experimentation and iteration on Notebooks.

Cloud Native

Daft runs anywhere - on your local machine or on a Ray cluster when you need more horsepower to work on all that data.

Free and Open-Sourced

Daft is free and open-sourced! You can use it alongside other open-sourced Python tools such as Numpy, Pillow and more for your data processing needs.

It's just Python.

Daft Dataframes are a simple, elegant abstraction on top of your data.

You have both the expressiveness of SQL, but also access to native Python transformations on columns that contain images, vector arrays and more.

All of this seamlessly runs on the Eventual Cloud Platform without any infrastructure management on your part.

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Shared Data Architecture.

Eventual uses open data formats such as Apache Parquet and Apache Iceberg to store data in your cloud accounts. We provide integrations with common cloud data storage platforms such as AWS S3, PostgreSQL and Snowflake so that you never have to worry about writing efficient Data I/O or serialization code.

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It's Fast.

Daft is built for performance and scalability.

When running experimentation and data exploration on a single machine, it outperforms frameworks such as Pandas. When run in the cloud, Daft's intelligent scheduler and optimizers can scale workloads to Petabytes of data for distributed computations.

Daft is built for high-performance computing and for first-class GPU support to accelerate data processing for many computer vision/machine learning/deep learning workloads.

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Eventual plugs into 
your existing storage.

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Built by engineers from top Silicon Valley companies.

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Eventual provides managed infrastructure for all your compute, storage and data science environment needs, including managed DaFt deployments that can scale to any size your organization requires.

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