The all-in-one platform for modern data workloads across data engineering, machine learning and analytics.

Modern data workloads incorporate diverse modalities stored in various formats and systems. Eventual simplifies this with a Python-native platform that integrates seamlessly with existing tools, supports scalable data processing, and interoperates with diverse data types.


Daft is our open source framework that powers ETL, analytics and ML/AI at scale.


Eventual is built by experts in distributed data systems, machine learning, and high performance computing.

Sammy Sidhu

High performance computing, prev. CTO @ DeepScale

Jay Chia

Cloud data systems for ML @ Freenome/Lyft

Clark Zinzow

Distributed data systems, built Ray Data @ AnyScale

Kevin Wang

Quant research @ Arrowstreet/Akuna

Colin Ho

Data systems @ Stripe/Coinbase

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